5.5*2.5 5.5*2.5mm Connector For Compatible with Dell S2340 23 Monitor ADP-40DD B U1000EA 631639-001 S2230 S2240M U2312HM PA-1041-71 S2440L S2740L S2240L S2240T S2330MX S2216H S2218H Charging Connector

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  •  DC Cable Compatible with Dell S2340 S2340M S2340Mc S2340 Mc S2340M/c S 2340 M Mc M/c 23″ Widescreen Flat-Panel IPS LED LCD HD Monitor 3000mA 3330mA 3.33 Amp 12.0V 3.3A 40 Watts DC12V 3A DC12.0V 3.0A 3.33A 40W Power Supply Cord Cable PS Battery Charger Mains PSU
  • Compatible with: Dell S2230 MX S2230MX S2230 MXF S2230MXF 21.5″ Touchscreen; Dell S2240M S2240 M S2240Mc 21.5″; Dell UltraSharp U2312HM Dell GXYHH PA-1041-71 PA-104171 PA-1041-71TP-LF Desktop LED LCD Monitor 12 VDC 3.33A Power Supply Charger
  • Compatible with: Dell ADP-40DD B ADP-40DD BA ADP-40DDB ADP-40DDBA; Dell S2440L S2440Lb 24-Inch S 2440L S 2440Lb 24″ Screen; Dell 22” 23” 24” Screen LED LCD Monitor S2740L S2340T; Dell S2340L S2340Lb S2340Lc 23″ Touchscreen HDTV LED LCD Monitor HD TV; Dell S2240L S2240T S2240Lc 21.5 inch; Dell S2330MX 23″ Ultra-Slim HD Touchscreen LED LCD Monitor S2330MXC;
  • Compatible with: Dell 21.5″ 22″ 23″ 24″ 27″ IPS LED-Lit LCD Screen Ultra-Slim Full HD Monitor: S2216H S2216Hc S2216M S2216Mc S2218H S2218Hc S2218M S2218Mc S2316H S2316Hc S2316M S2316Mc S2318H S2318HN S2318HX S2318M S2318Mc S2318Nc S2318NX S2318NX S2330MX S2330MXc PARTS: ( AMDL018, XY3VK, 0XY3VK, 04WW5R, 4WW5R)


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