Samsung 14v 3A – LED Monitor Adapter & Charger

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Compatibility: Samsung LED Monitors

Samsung SyncMaster Monitor: BX2331 C23A550U FX2490HD LC23A550 LS22C300H LS24A450 LS24E390 LW15E232C S19B150N S19C350 S19C350NW S20A300B S20A350B S20A550H S20B300 S20B300B S20B350H S22A100N S22A300B S22A350H S22A450BW S22B150 S22B300 S22B300B S22B300H S22B310B S22B350H S22C150N S22C300B S22C300H S22C350 S22C350B S22C550 S22C570H S22D360H S22D390H S22D391H S22D393H S23A300B S23A350H S23A550H S23A700D S23A750D S23B300B S23B350H S23B550V S23C340 S23C340H S23C350B S23C350H S23C570H S24A350H S24B150BL S24B240BL S24B300EL S24B300H S24B300HL S24B350HL S24B370 S24B750VS S24C230BL S24C300HL S24C300HS S24C350H S24C350HL S24C370HL S24C570HL S24C750P S24D360HL S24D390HL S24D391HL S24D393HL S24D590L S24D590PL S24E510 S27A350 S27C230 S27C350 S27C500H S27C570H S27D360H S27D390H S27D391H S27D393H S27D590 T22D390EW T27A950


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