AA-PBUN3AB AA-PBUN3QB Compatible Laptop Battery Samsung Notebook 5 NP550XTA-K0 NP550XTA-K01US NP530E5M NP740U NP740U3L NP740U5L NP730QAA Odyssey NP800G5M Series 11.4V 43Wh

৳  7,500.00

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Samsung NP530E5M Series: NP530E5M-X01US NP530E5M-X02US NP530E5M-X03US

Samsung Notebook 5 NP550XTA NP550XTA-K01US Series

Samsung 7 Spin NP740U Series:

NP740U3L NP740U3L-L02US NP740U3M NP740U3M-K01US NP740U5L NP740U5L-Y02US NP740U5L-Y03US NP740U5M NP740U5M-X01US NP740U5M-X02 NP740U5M-X02US NP750QUA NP750QUA-K01US NP800G5M

Samsung 300E4M Series: 300E4M-K01 300E4M-K02 300E4M-K03

Samsung NP300E4M NP500R5M Series

Samsung NP300E5K Series:

NP300E5K-L01 NP300E5K-L01US NP300E5K-L02 NP300E5K-L03 NP300E5K-L04 NP300E5K-L04US NP300E5K-L05 NP300E5K-L06 NP300E5K-L07 NP300E5K-L08 NP300E5K-U03 NP300E5K-U03HK NP300E5K-X01 NP300E5K-X03 NP300E5K-X04 NP300E5K-Y01 NP300E5K-Y02 NP300E5K-Y05 NP300E5K-Y06 NP300E5K-Y07 NP300E5K-Y0A NP300E5K-Y0B NP530E5M NP530E5M-X02US NP550XTA NP550XTA-K01US

Samsung NP800G5M NP800G5M-X01US Series.

Samsung NP8500GM NP8500GM-X01 NP8500GM-X02 Series.

Samsung 300E5K-L04 300E5K-L06 Series.

Samsung 500R5M Series: 500R5M-X04 500R5M-X06 500R5M-X07 500R5M-X0 8500R5M-X09 500R5M-X0A

Samsung 550XAA Series: 550XAA-X05 550XAA-X06

Samsung 8500GM series: 8500GM-X01 8500GM-X02 8500GM-X07 8500GM-X08 8500GM-X09 8500GM-X0B 8500GM-X0D

Samsung Odyssey 800G5M NP800G5M Series

Samsung Odyssey 810G5M 8500GM 500R5M 300E4M 300E5K Series

Samsung Odyssey NT500R5L NT760XBE NT500R5M NT500R5P Series

Samsung Odyssey NT500R5Q NT500R5W NT501R5L NT500R5N Series

Samsung NP730QAA Series


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