CPU + GPU Cooling Fan for MSI GE62 GL62 GE72 GL72 GP62 GP72 PE60 PE70 Series MS-16J1 MS-16J2 MS-16J3 MS-16J5 MS-16J8 MS-16JB MS-16J9 MS-1791 MS-1792 MS-1795 PAAD06015SL N303 PAAD06015SL N302

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Compatible P/N:
PAAD06015SL N303 PAAD06015SL N302

Compatible Models:
MSI GE62 series GE62 2QC, GE62 2QD, GE62 2QD-007XCN, GE62 2QE, GE62 2QF, GE62 2QL, GE62 6QC, GE62 6QD, GE62 6QE, GE62 6QF, GE62 6QF-233US, GE62 6QF-074US, GE62 6QG, GE62 6QL, GE62 7RE, GE62 7RD, GE62 Apache Pro

MSI GL62 series GL62 2QC, GL62 2QD, GL62 2QD-007XCN, GL62 2QE, GL62 2QF, GL62 2QL, GL62 6QC, GL62 6QD, GL62 6QE, GL62 6QF, GL62 6QF-627US, GL62 6QF-628US, GL62 6QF 893US, GL62 6QF-1446, GL62 6QG, GL62 6QL, GL62 7RE, GL62 7RDX

MSI GE72 series GE72 2QC, GE72 2QD, GE72 2QE, GE72 2QF, GE72 2QL, GE72 6QC, GE72 6QD, GE72 6QE, GE72 6QF, GE72 6QF-001US, GE72 6QG, GE72 6QL, GE72 7RE, GE72 7RD

MSI GL72 series GL72 2QC, GL72 2QD, GL72 2QE, GL72 2QF, GL72 2QL, GL72 6QC, GL72 6QD, GL72 6QE, GL72 6QF, GL72 6QF-405, GL72 6QG, GL72 6QL, GL72 7RE, GL72 7RD, GL72 7QF, GL72 7QF-1057

MSI GP62 series GP62 2QC, GP62 2QD, GP62 2QE, GP62 2QF, GP62 2QL, GP62 6QC, GP62 6QD, GP62 6QE, GP62 6QF, GP62 6QG, GP62 6QL, GP62 7RE, GP62 7RD, GP62 7RDX

MSI GP72 series GP72 2QC, GP72 2QD, GP72 2QE, GP72 2QF, GP72 2QL, GP72 6QC, GP72 6QD, GP72 6QE, GP72 6QF, GP72 6QG, GP72 6QL, GP72 7RE, GP72 7RD

MSI PE60 series PE60 2QC, PE60 2QD, PE60 2QE, PE60 2QE-044XCN, PE60 2QF, PE60 2QL, PE60 6QC, PE60 6QD, PE60 6QE, PE60 6QF, PE60 6QG, PE60 6QL, PE60 7RE, PE60 7RD, PE60 7RD-059

MSI PE70 series PE70 2QC, PE70 2QD, PE70 2QE, PE70 2QF, PE70 2QL, PE70 6QC, PE70 6QD, PE70 6QE, PE70 6QF, PE70 6QG, PE70 6QL, PE70 7RE, PE70 7RD

MSI MS-16J1 MS-16J2 MS-16J3 MS-16J4 MS-16J5 MS-16J8 MS-16JB MS-16J9 MS-1791 MS-1792 MS-1795 series

Package Includes:
1 x CPU Fan
1 x GPU Fan


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