Genuine new WF04XL M90073-005 M89926-AC1 battery for HP Envy 13″ 13-bf0013dx

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Genuine new WF04XL M90073-005 M89926-AC1 battery for HP Envy 13″ 13-bf0013dx

Battery Information:

  • Battery Rating: 7.7V
  • Battery Capacity: 8210mAh (66.52Wh)
  • Battery Type: Li-Polymer battery
  • Property: new genuine battery
  • Battery Color: baclk
  • Warranty: 90Days

Compatible Part Number: 7738

For HP

HSTNN-OB2Y, M89926-1D1, M89926-AC1, M90073-005, TPN-IB0O, WF04XL

Fit Machine Models:

For HP

X360 13-BF0000, X360 13-BF0000CI, X360 13-BF0000NC, X360 13-BF0000NE, X360 13-BF0000NH, X360 13-BF0000NI, X360 13-BF0000NIA, X360 13-BF0000NN, X360 13-BF0000NS, X360 13-BF0000NT, X360 13-BF0000NV, X360 13-BF0000NX, X360 13-BF0000NY, X360 13-BF0000NZ, X360 13-BF0000SF, X360 13-BF0000UA, X360 13-BF0000UR, X360 13-BF0001CI, X360 13-BF0001NB, X360 13-BF0001NC, X360 13-BF0001NE, X360 13-BF0001NH, X360 13-BF0001NI, X360 13-BF0001NIA, X360 13-BF0001NN, X360 13-BF0001NO, X360 13-BF0001NP, X360 13-BF0001NT, X360 13-BF0001NV, X360 13-BF0001NX, X360 13-BF0001NY, X360 13-BF0001UA, X360 13-BF0001UR, X360 13-BF0002CI, X360 13-BF0002NA, X360 13-BF0002NC, X360 13-BF0002NE, X360 13-BF0002NF, X360 13-BF0002NI, X360 13-BF0002NN, X360 13-BF0002NS, X360 13-BF0002NT, X360 13-BF0002NX, X360 13-BF0002NY, X360 13-BF0002SA, X360 13-BF0002UA, X360 13-BF0002UR, X360 13-BF0003CI, X360 13-BF0003NA, X360 13-BF0003NB, X360 13-BF0003NC, X360 13-BF0003NE, X360 13-BF0003NF, X360 13-BF0003NI, X360 13-BF0003NL, X360 13-BF0003NN, X360 13-BF0003NS, X360 13-BF0003NT, X360 13-BF0003NW, X360 13-BF0003NX, X360 13-BF0003SA, X360 13-BF0003TU, X360 13-BF0004CI, X360 13-BF0004NE, X360 13-BF0004NI, X360 13-BF0004NL, X360 13-BF0004NN, X360 13-BF0004NS, X360 13-BF0004NW, X360 13-BF0004NX, X360 13-BF0004TU, X360 13-BF0005CI, X360 13-BF0005NE, X360 13-BF0005NI, X360 13-BF0005NV, X360 13-BF0005NX, X360 13-BF0005TU, X360 13-BF0006CI, X360 13-BF0006NB, X360 13-BF0006NE, X360 13-BF0006NI, X360 13-BF0006NN, X360 13-BF0006NV, X360 13-BF0006NX, X360 13-BF0006TU, X360 13-BF0007CI, X360 13-BF0007NE, X360 13-BF0007NI, X360 13-BF0007NN, X360 13-BF0007NV, X360 13-BF0007NX, X360 13-BF0007TU, X360 13-BF0007UA, X360 13-BF0008CI, X360 13-BF0008NE, X360 13-BF0008NN, X360 13-BF0008NV, X360 13-BF0009CI, X360 13-BF0009NE, X360 13-BF0009NN, X360 13-BF0010CA, X360 13-BF0010NE, X360 13-BF0010NF, X360 13-BF0010NN, X360 13-BF0010TU, X360 13-BF0011CI, X360 13-BF0011NA, X360 13-BF0011NE, X360 13-BF0011NF, X360 13-BF0011NN, X360 13-BF0011TU, X360 13-BF0012NA, X360 13-BF0012NE, X360 13-BF0012NF, X360 13-BF0012NN, X360 13-BF0012TU, X360 13-BF0013CI, x360 13-bf0013dx, X360 13-BF0013NA, X360 13-BF0013NB, X360 13-BF0013NE, X360 13-BF0013NN, X360 13-BF0013TU, X360 13-BF0014NB, X360 13-BF0014NE, X360 13-BF0014NN, X360 13-BF0015NB, X360 13-BF0015NN, X360 13-BF0016CI, X360 13-BF0016NB, X360 13-BF0016NE, X360 13-BF0016NN, X360 13-BF0017CI, X360 13-BF0017NN, X360 13-BF0017TU, X360 13-BF0018CI, X360 13-BF0018NA, X360 13-BF0018NN, X360 13-BF0018NW, X360 13-BF0018TU, X360 13-BF0019CI, X360 13-BF0019NA, X360 13-BF0019NN, X360 13-BF0019TU, X360 13-BF0020CI, X360 13-BF0020NA, X360 13-BF0020NF, X360 13-BF0020NN, X360 13-BF0020TU, X360 13-BF0021CI, X360 13-BF0021NA, X360 13-BF0021NN, X360 13-BF0021TU, X360 13-BF0022CI, X360 13-BF0022NN, X360 13-BF0022NW, X360 13-BF0022TU, X360 13-BF0023CI, X360 13-BF0023NA, X360 13-BF0023NN, X360 13-BF0024CI, X360 13-BF0024NA, X360 13-BF0024NN, X360 13-BF0024NO, X360 13-BF0024TU, X360 13-BF0025CI, X360 13-BF0025NA, X360 13-BF0025TU, X360 13-BF0026CI, X360 13-BF0026NA, X360 13-BF0027NN, X360 13-BF0028NN, X360 13-BF0029NF, X360 13-BF0029NN, X360 13-BF0030NF, X360 13-BF0030TU, X360 13-BF0031NA, X360 13-BF0031TU, X360 13-BF0032NA, X360 13-BF0032NW, X360 13-BF0032TU, X360 13-BF0033TU, X360 13-BF0034TU, X360 13-BF0035NA, X360 13-BF0035NO, X360 13-BF0035TU, X360 13-BF0036NA, X360 13-BF0036TU, X360 13-BF0037NA, X360 13-BF0038NA, X360 13-BF0039NA, X360 13-BF0039TU, X360 13-BF0040ND, X360 13-BF0040NN, X360 13-BF0041NA, X360 13-BF0042NA, X360 13-BF0042NF, X360 13-BF0042NN, X360 13-BF0043NA, X360 13-BF0043NF, X360 13-BF0044NA, X360 13-BF0045NA, X360 13-BF0046NA, X360 13-BF0046TU, X360 13-BF0047TU, x360 13-bf0048TU, X360 13-BF0049TU, X360 13-BF0050TU, X360 13-BF0051TU, X360 13-BF0053NF, X360 13-BF0054NF, X360 13-BF0055NF, X360 13-BF0056NF, X360 13-BF0057NF, X360 13-BF0058NF, X360 13-BF0059NF, X360 13-BF0060NF, X360 13-BF0061NF, X360 13-BF0062NF, X360 13-BF0064TU, X360 13-BF0065TU, X360 13-BF0066TU, X360 13-BF0067TU, X360 13-BF0068TU, X360 13-BF0069TU, X360 13-BF0070TU, X360 13-BF0071TU, X360 13-BF0072TU, X360 13-BF0073TU, X360 13-BF0074TU, X360 13-BF0075TU, X360 13-BF0076TU, X360 13-BF0077NG, X360 13-BF0077TU, X360 13-BF0078TU, X360 13-BF0080TU, X360 13-BF0081TU, X360 13-BF0085TU, X360 13-BF0086TU, X360 13-BF0087TU, X360 13-BF0088TU, X360 13-BF0089TU, X360 13-BF0090TU, X360 13-BF0092TU, X360 13-BF0094TU, X360 13-BF0095TU, X360 13-BF0096TU, X360 13-BF0097TU, X360 13-BF0105NW, X360 13-BF0105TU, X360 13-BF0106TU, X360 13-BF0108TU, X360 13-BF0109TU, X360 13-BF0110TU, X360 13-BF0111TU, X360 13-BF0112TU, X360 13-BF0113NW, X360 13-BF0113TU, X360 13-BF0114NW, X360 13-BF0114TU, X360 13-BF0115nw, X360 13-BF0115TU, X360 13-BF0116TU, X360 13-BF0119NW, X360 13-BF0119TU, X360 13-BF0120TU, X360 13-BF0121NW, X360 13-BF0121TU, X360 13-BF0122TU, X360 13-BF0123NW, X360 13-BF0123TU, X360 13-BF0124NW, X360 13-BF0124TU, X360 13-BF0125NW, X360 13-BF0125TU, X360 13-BF0126TU, X360 13-BF0127TU, X360 13-BF0128TU, X360 13-BF0129NW, X360 13-BF0131TU, X360 13-BF0133NW, X360 13-BF0134NW, X360 13-BF0135NW, X360 13-BF0139NW, X360 13-BF0141TU, X360 13-BF0142TU, X360 13-BF0144NW, X360 13-BF0145NW, X360 13-BF0149NW, X360 13-BF0154NW, X360 13-BF0155NW, X360 13-BF0159NW, X360 13-BF0164NW, X360 13-BF0165NW, X360 13-BF0174NW, X360 13-BF0175NW, X360 13-BF0176NG, X360 13-BF0185NW, X360 13-BF0200CA, X360 13-BF0250ND, X360 13-BF0250NW, X360 13-BF0255ND, X360 13-BF0300ND, X360 13-BF0350ND, X360 13-BF0375NG, X360 13-BF0376NG, X360 13-BF0377NG, X360 13-BF0390ND, X360 13-BF0412NO, X360 13-BF0500NA, X360 13-BF0500NZ, X360 13-BF0500SA, X360 13-BF0501NA, X360 13-BF0501SA, X360 13-BF0504NA, X360 13-BF0504NZ, X360 13-BF0504SA, X360 13-BF0505NA, X360 13-BF0505SA, X360 13-BF0509NZ, X360 13-BF0519NZ, X360 13-BF0566NZ, X360 13-BF0606NG, X360 13-BF0610ND, X360 13-BF0650ND, X360 13-BF0666TU, X360 13-BF0729NZ, X360 13-BF0740NZ, X360 13-BF0749NZ, X360 13-BF0755NG, X360 13-BF0756NG, X360 13-BF0759NZ, X360 13-BF0775NG, X360 13-BF0776NG, X360 13-BF0777NC, X360 13-BF0777NG, X360 13-BF0778NG, X360 13-BF0812NO, X360 13-BF0826NO, X360 13-BF0900NC, X360 13-BF0950ND, X360 13-BF0955ND, X360 13-BF0960NO, X360 13-BF0975ND, X360 13-BF0977ND


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