L17C4PH1 L17M4PH1 L17M4PH2 Laptop Battery for Lenovo Yoga C930 7 Pro-13IKB

৳  7,000.00

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Compatible With:

2ICP5/44/128-2, 2ICP5/44/129-2, 5B10Q82425, 5B10Q82426, 5B10W67176, 5B10W67273, 928QA225H, L17C4PH1, L17M4PH1, L17M4PH2, SB10W67301

Compatible Part Number:

YG C930-13IKB I5 8G 256G 10H-81C400M0AU,

YG C930-13IKB I5 8G 256G 10P-81C400MFAU,

YG C930-13IKB I7 8G 256G 10H-81C4003LAU,

YG C930-13IKB I7 8G 512G 10P-81C400MEAU,

YG C930-13IKB I7 16G 1TB 10P-81C40073AU,

YG C930-13IKB I7 16G 256G 10H-81C40064AU,

YG C930-13IKB I7 16G 512G 10H-81C400MAAU,

YG C930-13IKB I7 16G 512G 10P-81C40072AU,

YOGA 7 Pro, YOGA 7 Pro-13IKB, YOGA C930,

YOGA C930-13IKB,

Yoga C930-13IKB(81C4003WGE),

Yoga C930-13IKB(81C4003XGE),

Yoga C930-13IKB(81C4003YGE),

Yoga C930-13IKB(81C4009WGE),

Yoga C930-13IKB-81C4,

Yoga C930-13IKB-81C4002QMZ,

Yoga C930-13IKB-81C4002XMZ,

Yoga C930-13IKB-81C4002YMZ,

Yoga C930-13IKB-81C4003TGE,

Yoga C930-13IKB-81C4003UGE,

Yoga C930-13IKB-81C4003VGE,

Yoga C930-13IKB-81C4008JMZ,

Yoga C930-13IKB-81EQ,

Yoga C930-13IKB-81EQ000HGE,

Yoga C930-13IKB-Type 81C4,

Yoga C930-13IKB-Type 81C4000EUS,

Yoga C930-13IKB-Type 81C4008TPB,

Yoga C930-13IKB 81C4,

Yoga C930-13IKB Glass-81EQ,

YOGA C930-13IKB Glass-81EQCTO1WW

Products Include

1* Battery


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