L19L3PF2 57Wh Battery Replacement for Lenovo Ideapad 5-15IIL05 5-15ARE05 5-15ITL05 5-15ARE05 5 15IAL7 5 15ABA7 Series L19M3PF6 L19C3PF5 L19M4PF1 L19L4PF1 L19C4PF1 L19D3PF3 L19C3PF4 11.55V Type A

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  • 【Battery Model】L19L3PF2; Voltage:11.55V; Capatity:57Wh 4940mAh 3-Cells; Color:Black; Condition:Brand New.
  • 【Replacement Part Number】L19L3PF2 SB10W86961 5B10W86945 L19C3PF5 SB10W86938 5B10W86947 L19M3PF6 SB10W86952 5B10W86944 L19M4PF1 SB10W86946 5B10W86940 L19L4PF1 SB10W86949 5B10W86948 L19C4PF1 SB10W86960 5B10W86950 L19D3PF3 SB10W86941 5B10W86955 L19C3PF4 SB10W86951 5B10W86959 L21B4PE2 SB11F48157 5B11F48155 L21L4PE0 SB11F48160 5B11F48159 L21M4PE3 SB11F48153 5B11F48161
  • 【Compatible Machine Models】 for Lenovo Ideapad 5-15IIL05 81YK Series; for Lenovo Ideapad 5-15ARE05 81YQ Series; for Lenovo Ideapad 5-15ITL05 82FG Series; for Lenovo Ideapad 5-15ARE05 82LN Series; for Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15IAL7 82SF Series; for Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15ABA7 82SG Series 

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