New Original C41N1901 Battery for Asus ZenBook DUO UX481 UX481F UX481FA Series

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Asus C41N1901 Battery For Asus ZenBook Duo UX481 UX481FA UX481FL UX481FLY UX481F X481FL Series

Item Specification:

Condition: New genuine battery
Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 15.4V
Battery Capacity: 70Wh/4550mAh
Battery Color: Black
Warranty: 03 Months

Replace Part Numbers:
C41N1901, 4ICP6/60/72, 0B200-03520000, 0B200-03520100

Fit Laptop Models:
For Asus

UX481FL-BM002T, ZenBook UX481FA-BM020R, UX481FL-BP1505T, UX481FL-BM044T, ZenBook UX481FA-BM018R, UX481FA, ZenBook Duo UX481FL, UX481FL-BM020R, ZenBook Pro Duo UX481, ZenBook DUO UX481FL-BM040T, UX481FL-BM050T, UX481FL-BM021R, ZenBook UX481FA-BM018T, UX481FL-BM020T, UX481FL-BM039T, ZenBook UX481FA-BM020T, UX481, UX481FL-B7611T, UX481FL-BM021TS, ZenBook UX481FA-BM025R, UX481FL, ZenBook DUO UX481FL-BM039R, UX481FL-BM039R, ZenBook Duo UX481, ZenBook DUO UX481FL-BM044T, UX481FL-BM071T


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