Original 19V 2.37A 4.01.35 45W Portable Laptop Charger Power Supply AC Adapter for ASUS Zenbook ux21A ux31A ux32A UX32V ADP-45AW

৳  1,600.00

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Features & Specifications: 
  • Input: 100V-240V 1.3A 50-60Hz
  • Output: 19V 2.37A 45W
  • Connector: 4.0*1.35
  • Package Contents: AC Adapter and 3 feet Power cord
  • Warranty: 6 Months
Replacment charger number :
ADP-40TH A, EXA1206CH, 0A001-00330100, ADP-45AW A, ADP-33AW A, 90-XB34N OPW00000Y, N45W-01, N17908

Compatibe With laptop Models:

A440 series: A441NC, A441SC, A441UA, A441UV
A450 series: A456UA
A540 series: A540LA, A540SC, A540YA, A541NC, A541SC, A541UA, A541UJ, A541UV
A550 series: A556UA
BX430 series: BX430UA
D540 series: D540SC, D540YA, D541NC, D541SC
E400 series: E402BA
F300 series: F302LA, F302UA
F400 series: F402BA
F440 series: F441NC, F441SC, F441UA, F441UV
F450 series: F456UA
F540 series: F540LA, F540SC, F540YA, F541NC, F541SC, F541UA, F541UJ, F541UV
F550 series: F556UA
J500 series: J501UA
K440 series: K441NC, K441SC, K441UA, K441UV
K450 series: K456UA
K540 series: K540LA, K541UA, K541UJ, K541UV
K550 series: K556UA
L400 series: L402BA
N54x series: N543UA
P300 series: P302LA, P302UA
Q30x series: Q302LA, Q302UA
Q50x series: Q504UA
R300 series: R301LA, R301UA, R305LA
R400 series: R414NC, R414SC, R414UA, R414UV, R417BA
R450 series: R457UA
R500 series: R519UA
R540 series: R540LA, R540SC, R540YA, R541NC, R541SC, R541UA, R541UJ, R541UV
R550 series: R558UA
RX430 series: RX430UA
T300 series: T300LA, T304UA
TP300 series: TP300LA, TP300LAB, TP300UA, TP301UA
TP360 series: TP360CA, TP360UA
TP500 series: TP501UA
TX20x series: TX201LA
U300 series: U305CA, U305FA, U305LA, U305UA
U3000 series: U3000CAK, U3000UA
U330 series: U330CA, U330UA
U360 series: U360CA, U360UA
U4100 series: U4100UA
UX30x series: UX305CA, UX305FA, UX305LA, UX305UA
UX310 series: UX310UA
UX330 series: UX330CA, UX330UA
UX3400 series: UX3400UA
UX360 series: UX360CA, UX360UA
UX3x series: UX32LA
UX430 series: UX430UA
UX560 series: UX560UA
X30x series: X302LA, X302UA
X40x series: X402BA
X44x series: X441NC, X441SC, X441UA, X441UV
X45x series: X456UA
X54x series: X540LA, X540SC, X540YA, X541NC, X541SC, X541UA, X541UJ, X541UV
X55x series: X556UA

Asus Vivobook F201E, Q200E, S200E, X201E, X202E. Asus Zenbook UX21A, UX31A Asus Taichi 21 Asus Q302 Q302L Q302LA Q302LA-BBI5T14 Q302LA-BHI3T09S Q302UA-BHI5T20 Asus X553M Asus UX303UA Asus Transformer Book Trio TX201LA Asus Transformer Book T300 T300LA T300LA-Dh51T T300LA-XH71T Asus Zenbook Prime UX305LA-AB51 Asus UX301 UX301LA ASUS X45A X550 X550ZA X550LA X551 F555

Package include:
1 x Brand New Ac Power Adapter ,
No have Power Cord & Cable
  • 07 days money-back guarantee & 06 months warranty
  • (If you are not sure about the model, please contact us


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