BTY-M6H Laptop Battery for MSI GE72 2QC 2QD GL72 GL62-6QD-030FR GL62-6QC MS-16J2 GE62 GP72 CX62 6QD PE60 PE70 10.86V 4730mAh

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Genuine MSI BTY-M6H Battery Description
Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Volt: 10.8V
Battery Capacity: 3834mAh, 41.43Wh
Battery Color: Black
Cells Number: 6
Cells Quality: Grade A
Condition: Original / Genuine Battery
Warranty: 03 months
This Laptop Battery Can Compatible Follow Battery [P/N], Battery Model:
Fit Machine Model: 
For Msi
GE62, GE62 2QC-264XCN, GE62 2QC-648XCN, GE62 2QD-007XCN, GE62 2QD-059XCN, GE62 2QD-647XCN, GE62 2QE-052CN, GE62 2QE-053XCN, GE62 2QE-216XCN, GE62 2QF-255XCN, GE62 6QC-489XCN, GE62 6QC-490XCN, GE62 6QD-026XCN, GE62 6QD-060XCN, GE62 6QD-237XCN, GE62 6QF-013XCN, GE62 6QF-057XCN, GE62 6QF-202XCN, GE62 6QF-203XCN, GE72, GE72 2QC-257XCN, GE72 2QD-018XCN, GE72 2QD-059XCN, GE72 2QE-039CN, GE72 2QE-040XCN, GE72 2QF-258XCN, GE72 6QC-287XCN, GE72 6QC-289XCN, GE72 6QD-001XCN, GE72 6QF, GE72 6QF-020XCN, GE72 6QF-073XCN, GP72, GP72 2QE.


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