Laptop Battery SQU-804 SQU-805 SQU-807 916C7830F TW8 SW8 W476 W576 Q1458 Q1580 HP550 HP560 HP650 HP640 Sereis

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Replacement For
SQU-804 SW8-3S4400-B1B1
SQU-805 3UR18650-2-T0188
SQU-807 916C7830F
Fit Machine Models
TW8 Series
For Fujitsu
SW8 TW8 Sereis
For Gericom
G.note MR0378 Series
For Gigabyte
W476 Sereis Q1458 Sereis
W576 Sereis Q1580
HP550 Sereis HP640 Sereis
HP560 Sereis HP660 Sereis
HP650 Sereis HP430 Sereis
For LG
R410 Series R590 Series
R480 E210 Series
R490 Series E310 Series
R500 Series E210
R510 Series E310
R560 Series E300
R570 Series EB300
R580 Series
For Philips
Freevents 15NB8611/05 15NB8611
For Qaunta
TW8 Series DW8 Series
SW8 Series EAA-89 Series

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Paking :
1x Battery

90Days Warranty


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